Who founded the ACADEMY?

 The ACADEMY was founded by numerous individuals including but not limited to its founding directors. The founding directors are all architects of modest prominence: Gunther Motz of Los Angeles, Mel O'Brien, ex-President of NCARB and resident of Memphis, Tennessee and Wesley van Kirk Robbins of Los Angeles. All will serve on the jury of BANANA. A new director this year is Randal J. Ehm, Architect of San Diego, California.

How much does membership in the Academy cost?

50$ a year. However, membership is FREE for those who register in the ACADEMY's design competition BIGFOOT.

Is the ACADEMY in direct competition with the AIA?

 No. The ACADEMY is a membership organization that is open to professionals and practitioners in all branches of the construction, building and architecture industries. The ACADEMY is open to individuals and entities from all over the world. In a matter of speaking, if the AIA is the army then the ACADEMY is the marines: the few, the proud, the select.

Who may join the ACADEMY?

 One need not be a licensed professional to join the ACADEMY. Architects will probably be the largest segment of membership in the ACADEMY. Landscape architects, interior designers, engineers, contractors, spec writers, draftsmen, detailers, estimators, masons, carpenters, sheet metal workers, interns, students, critics, professors, etc. may also apply to join. If you are in the business of buildings and/or architecture then we would love to consider your application for membership. A resume with your personal acheivements should be included with your application.

Why should I join the ACADEMY?

 Because it is fun, serious and professional. You can claim ACADEMY membership after your name. ACADEMY membership is relatively inexpensive if not a bargain. You receive the ACADEMY publication: FRANK. You can nominate work for the annual FRANK awards. You can be a judge and vote for the annual FRANK awards. You will be joining the most important new organization in the architectural world today. We cannot say you won't be disappointed. But we can say that you will be challenged.

Is the ACADEMY a non profit organization?

 Yes. It is a California non profit corporation. Its tax exempt status is presently pending. The ACADEMY cannot receive tax exempt donations at this time.

Where is the ACADEMY's headquarters?

 Los Angeles. The ACADEMY is presently negotiating for a permanent office space in the Los Angeles area. It hopes to open its doors later this year.

When will the ACADEMY's magazine come out?

 The pilot issue of FRANK is still in planning but it should be coming out later this year. It should be very exciting. It will be unlike any magazine on architectural design that exists or ever existed. It will be different.

What is the FRANK award?

 The award itself honors excellence in the built environment. It does not honor work on the drawing boards or work that has been sitting around for a long time. It is a very selective award that has no equal.

How different is the FRANK from the other prestigious awards?

 Most importantly you can nominate and vote for the award yourself. It is not an award granted by a small jury such as the AIA Gold Medal, the Pritzker Prize or the PA Awards. It is not a lifetime acheivement award nor is it awarded for unbuilt work. It is not a regional or a parochial award. Nor is it an award sponsored by a manufacturer or a manufacturing group. It is not an award where the designer and/or owner has to submit a bunch of pictures, a description of the project and an outrageous registration fee. It is for fresh and new work.

How do I nominate a work for a FRANK?

 First you must apply for membership in the ACADEMY. For the 1996 awards you must apply for membership by May 1st of 1997. Once approved for membership you will receive forms and rules for nominating in all the FRANK categories. The ACADEMY member should then complete the nomination forms and send them in before the deadline. It's that easy.

How do I vote for a FRANK?

 First you must apply for membership in the ACADEMY. You must apply before May 1st. Once approved for membership you will receive forms and rules for voting in all of the FRANK categories. The ACADEMY member should then complete the voting forms and send them in before the deadline. It's that easy.

How do I join the ACADEMY?

 Send a letter, a resume and the membership fee of $50. You may even pay with a credit card. You may join at any time of the year.

As an ACADEMY member do I get to vote for changes in the bylaws and for filling posts in the Board of Directors at annual elections?

 No. Not at present. Membership in the ACADEMY does not give you that right yet. It will in the future once the Board of Directors has rewritten the ACADEMY's constitution.

Can my company join the ACADEMY?

 Yes. You may join and your company may join. Your company may be a sole propietorship, a partnership or a corporation. Entities such as AIA chapters, clubs, schools, universities and other non profit entities may also join the ACADEMY. Membership in the ACADEMY is only good for one set of nominating and voting forms, however. One membership equals one voter. The designated voter for an entity may not also be an individual member in the ACADEMY.

If I have a big company with lots of employees, can they all join the ACADEMY, nominate our company work and also vote for the same company work in the FRANK awards?

 Yes, they may all apply. But they may not all get in. You may create voting blocks but you will have to pay for all of the memberships in the ACADEMY first. If the ACADEMY Board of Directors or the accounting firm handling the FRANKS notes any voting abuses then nominating and voting rules may be subject to change the following year. Voting abuses of this nature are not likely to occur.

How many categories of FRANK awards are there?

 About 50. ACADEMY members may nominate one work in each category. The entire membership will nominate five works.

How many works will make it through the FRANK nominations to the voting?

 The five works getting the most nominations will make it through to the final round for voting. ACADEMY members may then vote for one of the five nominated works in each category.

How do I know a work is eligible for a FRANK?

 Only work that is completed during 1996 is eligible for a FRANK in 1997. Unfinished works are not eligible. Work must be built. Works nominated will be researched by the ACADEMY for their eligibility. The ACADEMY'S decision on eligibility will be final and binding.

Do you have to be a member of the ACADEMY to win a FRANK?

 No. Undoubtedly, many prominent architects and designers may never know that their work has been nominated for or even won a FRANK award. Most probably have never heard of the ACADEMY.

When is the first FRANK awards banquet?

 As presently scheduled, it will be held during November 1996 in Los Angeles. Attendance will be open to ACADEMY members, FRANK nominees, participants in BANANA and participants in XXXIX only. It will be an opportunity for attendees to look their best. See you there.