back of the traffic light tower - ropes are to anchor against tipping over. Note relay box in center is open for view this is the backside of the tower.  black box in center holds the 3 relays.


This is the cover for the Basic Stamp II project box. Everything in it works properly, although next time I'll be a little neater in my drilling and cutting.  Pressing the "short" or "long" button turns on the led beside it, and runs a timer as described on previous page.  LCD will display a countdown timer and messages to go along with the status of the timer.  There is a speaker mounted inside the box that issues appropriate number of beeps as cues for the archers.  The top left green/yellow/red leds correspond to the 50 watt traffic lights, and when one LED is lit, the stamp turns on the corresponding traffic light.  Pushing the reset button will "safe" the lights to RED LED/traffic light, and sound three beeps which is the "STOP SHOOTING ARROWS" signal.<G>


These are the relays that the BSII controls with the ULN 2003/NTE 2014.  Note the yellow plastic painted all over the top of the relay, quite effectively concealing from me how the wires are connected.


There are three relays, one for each traffic lite color: red/yellow/green.  I've added one additional one for the traffic horn circut.

  battery shown for size comparison.  

The back of the unit has the RJ11 socket and a slide switch to control power to the timer:

The wire spool:

The schematic  for the horn relay circuit: