DEER-PROOF decorative vegetation!! -

This plant survived several  complete growing seasons without ONCE being eaten by the scores of deer that decimated every other unprotected tree sapling and bush in my yard.  Whatever it is, they don't like munching on it!    Yet the plant is very attractive, a rich bold green plant with bilaterally-symmetrical oppositional large leaves.  This is a very attractive and fast-growing softwood tree/bush.

In my own yard, seven seeds grew to a set of plants that are currently form a solid wall 12 feet tall and 20 feet wide.   Each pair of leaves CLOSE at night like a pair of opposing fans.  In the morning they unfold to gather light once again.

The bright yellow flowers form a cone nearly a foot tall and last for several weeks to a month or more.  Each plant produces multiple flower cones.  Bees and butterflies DO like this plant, though.

This plant needs plenty of sun and warmth, and tolerates plenty of water.  I planted some on the south side of my house and they survived the winter of '97 here in Central Texas (Austin), despite a number of freezing days.    Plant seeds after the last frost, or start indoors early and transplant.   If the ground freezes and the roots then freeze the plant will die, so these are NOT freeze-hardy.   Each plant can produce seeds that can be used the next growing season.



 Cassia alata   Genus : Cassia     Species : alata
           Common Names : candlebush , Candletree; Seven Golden Candlesticks

           Hardiness Zone(s) Preferred: 9, 10, 11  for perennial survival
           Plant Origin : Not native to North America
           Plant Group(s): Shrub
           Planting Use(s) Recommended: Border, Mass Planting, Specimen Plant

           Light Exposure(s) Preferred: Full Sun
           Soil Type(s) Preferred: Sandy, Well-Drained, Alkaline, Drought/Dry, Clay, Tolerates Acid
           Salt Tolerance: Moderate

           Height : 10 - 15 Feet
           Spread : 10 - 15 Feet
           Shape(s): Upright
           Growth Rate(s): Fast

           Flower Color(s): Yellow
           Flower Characteristics: Showy flowers, Summer flowers
           Fruit Color(s): Brown
           Fruit Characteristics: Insignificant fruit

           Leaf Characteristics: Semi Evergreen
           Leaf Texture: Medium
           Leaf Color(s): Green
           Outstanding Fall Color:

           Bark/Limb Characteristics: Bark not showy, Has no thorns
           Winter Interest : No

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