The High-efficiency, 7-foot long,  ARC spudlawncher:  Maximum pomme de terre hangtime so far, 8.0 seconds




The end of the barrel is chamferred so that the tater gets sliced off to the right size as it is loaded in, but the bevel is such that a small amount of tater is compressed into the barrel to increase airtight seal.   Tamper is a length of 1" PVC with a wad of duct tape to act as a length guage.



Unlike lesser-engineered devices, the ARC spudlawncher has no gaseous leakage around the combustion chamber.  Not only will yew not catch fahr, but yore pants won't even be singed!


The ignitor was initially two bolts, however by replacing one bolt with copper wire I was able to more easily optimize ignition sequence efficiency to insure reliable ignition.


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