Morris Jerome Neal, Architect


707 Cardinal Lane
Austin, Texas 78704

+1 512 443 1903

Bachelor of Architecture from Texas Tech University l984
University of California at Los Angeles 1987

Registered Architect, Texas

Architectural Experience
Atelier Enigma, (Private Practice) Austin, Texas 1994-1997
Shefelman Nix & Voeizel/ Architects, Austin, Texas 1990-1994
J. Frank Fitzgibbons Architect, Los Angeles, California 1988-1989
William Dale Brantley Architects, Santa Monica, California 1987-1988
Caubarreaux Architects, Dallas, Texas 1984-1986
Holt + Fatter Architects, Austin, Texas
Demarest & Wells Architects, Dallas, Texas 1983-1984
Morris S. Adams Architect, Huntsville, Alabama 1982

Professional Organizations & Community Activities
Advisory Committee for the Green Builder Program. Austin, Texas
Sustainable Building Coalition charter member 1992

Second Place Artists for Kids Toy & Game Contest
sponsored by Children’s Hospital of Austin & The Austin Chronicle.

Group Exhibitions
Goldsmith Hall, University of Texas, Austin, Texas 1992
Barton Creek Mall, Austin, Texas 1991
Mexic-Arte Museum, Austin, Texas 1990

M. J. Neal's work is based on a lifelong involvement and association with design. His great grandfather was a contractor, his grandfather was an architect and contractor, his uncle is an architect and his father is a contractor.

Obtaining his degree in architecture in 1984, Mr. Neal continued his education at U.C.L.A., where he studied fine art. He also pursued private study in Los Angeles with renown artist Leslie Biller. Mr. Neal has held senior positions with established and award winning architectural firms in Texas and California, performing extensive design work, research, materials and methods analysis, construction specifications and drawings on a wide variety of project types. In Austin, Mr. Neal participated as a consultant in the Green Builder Program during its inception and as an associate member after its implementation. M. J. Neal was also a founding member of the Sustainable Building Coalition.

M. J. Neal is dedicated to the enhancement of humankind through design.

Architecture exists for people, not for itself alone. Architecture should be viewed as a long term endeavor that addresses the needs of the client, immediate user, and specific environment while responding to the cumulative history of building, art, technologies, society, and global environment. Truthful architecture manifests itself to satisfy the ever changing needs of people. As every thing is in motion, life itself is a continuum. Mr. Neal seeks to recognize and respond to this In his architecture by expressing the basic elements earth, water, fire, wind, and sky. These elements are the fundamental building blocks of life itself and should not be ignored.

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